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Central London

From Crazy to Controlled Busy in 90 minutes - AM ONLY


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From Crazy to Controlled Busy in 90 minutes - AM ONLY

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Event date to be confirmed

Central London

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Faculty: Zena Everett, executive coach, international speaker and author, London, UK


Prioritisation, Focus and Energy

Does how you spend your time reflect who you want to be?

We are what we do all day, but sometimes it’s hard to get firm boundaries around our own priorities.  Technology and people fight for our attention.  Work can feel like we are on a stationary bike: peddling furiously but never moving forward.  On top of that, lawyers have to deal with the demands of complex stakeholders, the pressures of business partnering responsibilities and the challenge of balancing our individual contribution with management responsibilities. 

Full of practical tools, after this session you will get your head over the parapet and breathe.  We’ll explore ways to be five times more productive – that means you regain a whole day each week.  You will: 

  • Get hooked on the high of work – the intense satisfaction of concentrating fully on one, significant, task. 
  • Accelerate productivity by removing distractions and interruptions.
  • Use a meeting etiquette that cuts to the point and saves meeting times by an average of one third.
  • Manage upwards more efficiently Use time blocking techniques to match your tasks to your time.
  • Manage interruptions from staff by using surgery techniques.
  • Refocus on priority tasks and stop finessing tasks that don’t need to be perfect.
  • Make efficiency effortless, not just possible.
  • Understand how we get in our own way through our perfectionism, procrastination and inability to push back and say No.

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