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Speak Like a Leader - WOMEN ONLY

Speak Like a Leader - WOMEN ONLY

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Event date to be confirmed

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Faculty: Esther Stanhope, international speaker and author, London, UK


This module focuses on the art of presenting with impact and getting your voice heard. As a professional in the legal world, you feel the need to be safe, concise and risk averse. Yet as a leader, you need to be off the cuff, creative and confident when communicating your message and influencing your audience. How much impact do you have when you speak to your non-legal audience? Whether you're advising, pitching your ideas to the business, convincing your boss or speaking up in a meeting, you need to speak with gravitas, confidence and credibility. The good news is you can learn the skills to do this. It's time to get your voice heard and:

  • be visibly brilliant at your job (not just technically brilliant)
  • get yourself out there and be closer to the business
  • look, sound and feel confident when you speak in front of diverse audiences
  • raise your individual profile as well as your teams

This session is for women only.

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