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What is MOSAIC Mentoring?

MOSAIC Mentoring is a division of The MOSAIC Collective. There are three divisions, all with one purpose: connecting people to change the conversation

How can I join MOSAIC as Mentor/Mentee?

Thank you for your interest in joining our mentoring program. We are currently not accepting applications for the next round of matching as we do not have enough mentors to match with our list of mentees. If you are interested in applying as a mentor please contact us to register your interest. 

How much does it cost?


There is no charge to join. By joining and submitting a request to be a mentor or mentee, you will agree to comply with our Code of Ethics and Terms. These can be found here.

Do you pay expenses for meetings?

MOSAIC is a not-for-profit organisation. We do not reimburse any expenses relating to mentor/mentee meetings.

Why is MOSAIC for in-house legal professionals only?


MOSAIC stands for Mentoring Opportunites Shared Amongst In-House Counsel. This explains the origin of the program. To join, all we ask is that you work in-house and not in a law firm. For us, in-house means the legal departments of private and publicly held companies as well as government and regulatory agencies. You can be a qualified solicitor, barrister or attorney, a patent or trademark attorney, work in legal operations, compliance, the company secretariat or be a former lawyer who now runs your own business. Trainees or apprentices doing their training contracts in-house are also eligible to join.

Can I be a mentor and a mentee?

Yes, you can. You will need to complete the form here.

How does the matching work?

We match mentors to mentees twice a year for a 6-month mentoring period. We appreciate that you may want to continue your mentoring relationship outside of that 6-month period and that is up to you to do that. We hope that our mentors return to the program to offer their skills and expertise to another mentee in a new mentoring connection. We also hope that our mentees return as mentors to the program as their experience grows. Everyone has something to offer.  


We advertise the dates for each round of matching on our website and on our social channels. Until the matching period starts, all applications will be held in a pool. We reserve the right to delay the start of the matching period if we do not have an adequate mix of mentors and mentees. 

Mentors must submit a form that describes in detail their qualifications, experience and any specific skills they have which they believe they can offer a mentee. Mentees fill in the same form and should describe their workplace challenges, their career aspirations and what they hope to learn from the mentoring relationship. The matching process is then carried out where we match mentors with relevant experience to the mentees desired outcome. Not all mentors are more qualified than the mentee. A mentor may have the specific skill set or experience that a mentee is seeking: this is irrespective of the years of experience in practice.

**We usually match twice a year in Spring and Autumn.  Often we are not able to match all applicants as we have more mentees than mentors. This is currently the situation. We are not accepting applications as we do not have enough mentors to match our list of mentees ** 

Does mentoring require a lot of time or commitment on my part?

This is up to the mentoring pair who should agree on the frequency and duration of meetings. The success of a good mentoring partnership is attributed to the commitment of both parties to each other – the more you put in, the more you both get out of it. 

What do I do if my mentoring relationship is not working?

Sometimes, for whatever reason, personalities, timing or life, a match is not meant to be or made to last. This is ok. You have the option to end the mentoring relationship anytime and rematch by returning to the pool and waiting for the next matching round. We ask as a courtesy that you let your mentee/mentor know that you will be ending the mentoring relationship. 

What's the difference between mentoring and coaching?


Coaching and mentoring use similar skills and approaches but coaching is often a short-term task-based approach focused on a specific development area or issue. Mentoring is usually a longer-term relationship that can take place as and when the mentee needs advice, guidance or support on career and professional development. Mentoring can also be project-based, short-term or peer-to-peer; it is entirely dependent on your needs as a mentee and in finding the right mentor to meet those needs.

We offer separate (paid-for) coaching services for individuals and teams. If you are interested, you can find out more here. We offer a discount to MOSAIC Mentoring members. 

Do I need training to become a mentor?


The short answer is no. Not everyone is looking for the same help or guidance. Not everyone wants to be the next General Counsel. Each of us brings something different and something unique in terms of our experience and our approach. This is what makes MOSAIC work. However, we recognise that guidance is helpful and are working on bringing you more resources to support you through your mentoring journey. Check out the Guidance section here for further information and follow us on our social media channels as we regularly share useful content on LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram.

Where is MOSAIC available?


Anywhere in the world. Ideally, it is good to be able to meet your mentor in person, but if we have learnt anything from the pandemic, it is that we can remain connected across cities and time zones. Technology allows us to connect and gain perspective and experience that otherwise may not have otherwise been available to you if you limit yourself to your local area. 

How can I advertise my involvement in MOSAIC?


You can call out your volunteering as a mentor in MOSAIC Mentoring on LinkedIn by adding it to your Volunteer Experience. We show you how here.

How do I contact the MOSAIC team?


Please get in touch with us here. We will reply as quickly as we can.

Follow us on our social channels. We post regularly.  Follow on LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram |
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