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A breadth of experience, skillsets and mindsets are critical to building a better in-house legal community so we don't want to limit ourselves to a narrow definition of what an "in-house legal professional" is. Yes, we use that term - as for us, and for MOSAIC, it makes sense. It reflects the diversity of roles, skills and opportunities that we are starting to see more of in-house.


Not everyone is looking for the same help or guidance. Not everyone wants to be the next General Counsel. Each of us brings something different and something unique in terms of our experience and our approach. This is what makes MOSAIC work.


To join MOSAIC, all we ask is that you work in-house and not in a law firm. For us, in-house means the legal departments of private and publicly held companies as well as government and regulatory agencies. You can be a qualified solicitor, barrister or attorney, a patent or trade mark attorney, work in legal operations, compliance, the company secretariat or be a former lawyer who now runs your own business. Trainees or apprentices doing their training contracts in-house are also eligible to join.

Our Code of

Participating in the program requires that you agree to follow our code

Guide to mentoring

A brief guide to mentoring with MOSAIC

Mentoring Etiquette

Some tips on what works and what doesn't

Troubleshooting Guide

Not your usual FAQS. We try and answer the questions you don't want to ask.

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