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Why mentoring?

Companies and organisations are constantly changing and people are expected to continue their learning in an environment where self-sufficiency, including self-managed learning, is encouraged – and is essential to success. 
Whilst your direct line manager can assist your development and provide elements of support, they too can be part of the pressured environment and might not always the best person to help you with your long term development goals. Many companies and organisations are also facing pressure on their development budgets and as part of the development options for individuals, an opportunity to be mentored by someone independent may be relevant. 
The role of a mentor complements that of the line manager. The line manager addresses the day to day business needs and activities of the individual and development to fulfil a specific role and function. The mentor will predominantly support the longer-term goals and actions of their mentees. Mentors are able to offer objective but sympathetic guidance and a confidential, safe space to put things into perspective.

Young Lawyer
For the mentee
  • Access to different perspectives and experiences

  • Help in understanding and resolving organisational and political issues

  • Confidential dialogue

  • Development of a wider network of people

  • Practical assistance through discussions regarding issues or problems

  • Help in developing your long term career and development goals and plans

Man at his Desk
For the mentor
  • Develop leadership and management qualities

  • Opportunity to practice good developmental behaviour outside line management responsibilities

  • Improve communication and personal skills

  • Development of own self-awareness

  • Expand your network

Law Firm
For the company
  • Support individuals in their development

  • Actively using experience of mature managers

  • Networking and sharing across organisations

  • Enhancing the development of both mentors and mentees

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